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Patient Journey 

Patient Journey

On Admission

When you arrive in the Endoscopy Unit, you will be asked to book in for your examination at the CT/MRI reception. You will then be asked to be seated in the waiting area. Soon after you arrive, you will be seen by the admitting nurse, who will take you to one of our admission rooms and check your identity and go through your Integrated Care Pathway questionnaire with you. This will ensure that the necessary safety checks are carried out prior to your procedure. The admitting nurse will check your blood pressure, heart rate and oxygen levels. If you are diabetic, your blood glucose level.

The admitting nurse will explain the risks and benefits of the procedure. They will be able to answer any concerns you have and go through your consent form with you. Taking of consent is delegated to registered nurses In Endoscopy.

During the procedure

You will be escorted into the procedure room where the nurses and endoscopist will introduce themselves. Your identity and consent will be confirmed and you will have the opportunity to ask any further questions.

Depending on the examination you are having done, a cannula may be placed in a vein in your hand or arm if sedation is required. The nurse looking after you will ask you to lie on your left hand side and will monitor your blood pressure, heart rate and oxygen throughout your procedure.

After the procedure

The nurses will escort you to recovery area after your examination is carried out. If you had sedation, we will ask you to rest for up to an hour continuing to monitor your blood pressure, heart rate and oxygen saturation level.

Nursing staff looking after you will offer you tea or coffee with some biscuits if appropriate.

On Discharge

You will be escorted by one of our staff to the discharge area. Before you leave the unit, the nurse or the endoscopist will explain any findings or diagnosis identified during the examination and whether further appointments are necessary. If tissue samples were taken, they will be sent to Pathology to be analysed. It may take up to ten to fourteen days for these results to be available. You will be given an advice discharge leaflet along with a copy of your report, a further copy will be sent to your GP.

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