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Salisbury Supervisors of Midwives

What we do

Supervisors of Midwives protect the public through the support of safe midwifery practice. We aim to ensure that mothers and families receive guidance and information about the right type of care, and all clients are partners in care decisions.

"no decision about me without me"

6Cs Department of Health (DoH)

  • We work to provide leadership and aim to be role models to midwives, endeavoring to guide and support them as they develop their skills and expertise.
  • Supervisors of Midwives are in post to ensure that mothers and babies receive good quality safe care.
  • Midwives support mothers throughout their maternity care: if you have any concerns about your care, you and/or your midwife may contact a Supervisor of Midwives.
  • The Nursing and Midwifery Council have produced a booklet called: “Support for parents: how supervision and supervisors of midwives can help you”, NMC 01/06/2010
  • We are experienced, practicing midwives who have had additional training. We are appointed to the Local Supervising Authority and are independent of the Trust. The team in Salisbury includes midwives working in a wide range of practice areas across the service, including those involved in education, practice development, teenagers, and community.

How Supervisors of Midwives help you

  • We can listen to any concerns you may have about your maternity care and take action if it is felt to be appropriate.
  • We can support you and your midwife to plan your pregnancy care and plan for the birth of your baby.
  • We can discuss with you the most appropriate choices for you and your baby whilst explaining the evidence available.
  • We can provide a time to talk to you about your birth or care received (if required).

The role of a Supervisor of Midwives

  • The supervision of midwives is a statutory role. Each practising midwife must have a Supervisor of Midwives. Supervisors are accountable to the Local Supervising Authority and independent from the NHS trust in which they work.
  • Discussing any concerns with a Supervisor of Midwives does not prevent you from using the formal complaints procedure of the NHS trust.
  • All midwives meet regularly with a Supervisor of Midwives, and develop a good working relationship with them to enhance the standard of care provided for mothers and babies.
  • Supervisors challenge poor practice and work to maintain a good standard of midwifery.

Local Supervising Authority Midwifery Officer

In all regions of England there is an LSA Midwifery Officer (LSAMO), an experienced practicing midwife who ensures that supervision of midwives is carried out to a satisfactory standard for all midwives in their area.
They are able to give advice on the supervision of midwives as well as on midwifery practice and maternity services in general. They also appoint the Supervisors of Midwives.

LSA Midwifery Officer, NHS South West region

Helen Pearce,
LSA Midwifery Office,
NHS England (South),
South West House,
Blackbrook Park Avenue,

Telephone: 07827984336

Contact us

A supervisor is always available to provide support, advice and guidance to mothers, families and midwives. Mothers may contact us to talk about the standard of care they have received or to discuss if they have not felt supported. Midwives may contact us for professional advice and guidance.

Supervisor of Midwives on call: Salisbury District Hospital via switchboard 01722 336262

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