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Who to Call 

Reason to call Department Contact Number
If you think you might be going into labour and are planning a hospital birth or you are worried about your unborn baby’s health (see possible reasons below) Labour Ward 01722 425183 (24 hours a day) or 01722 425188
If you think you might be going into labour and are planning a homebirth Labour Ward 01722 425188
If you have a query about appointments for the Antenatal Clinic Day Assessment Unit 01722 425210
If you have a query about appointments for Ultrasound scanning Ultrasound Department 01722 425210

If you are not sure who to call, ring the Day Assessment Unit. They are open from 9:15 a.m. to 8:15 p.m. Monday to Friday, 10:00am to 4:00 pm Saturday. They will also pass on messages to the Community Midwives.
The staff on the Day Assessment Unit may be able to help you directly with your query. Failing that, they will certainly be able to direct you to the most appropriate department.
When the Day Assessment Unit is shut, calls are automatically picked up in the Labour Ward.

Common reasons for calling the Labour Ward

  • You are concerned about any change in the pattern of your baby’s movements.
  • You haven’t felt your baby move for several hours
  • Your waters have broken
  • You notice any blood from the vagina – on underwear, bedclothes or toilet paper
  • You have any discharge that is different from the normal discharge during pregnancy
  • You are having contractions

NB If you call the Labour ward with a query it does not necessarily mean that you will be invited in. We deal with each call individually and will direct mothers to the most appropriate person depending on your symptoms and the stage of your pregnancy. That may mean coming in for monitoring, being seen by your Community Midwife or your GP may be the most appropriate person to see.

Questions you will probably be asked when you phone the Labour Ward include

  • When is the baby due?
  • Is this your first baby?
  • If not, did you have a normal birth last time?
  • Have there been problems during the pregnancy e.g. high blood pressure, diabetes etc?
  • Are you happy with baby’s movements?
  • Exactly what is happening now?

If you are invited in to the Labour ward, it is really important that you remember to bring your notes with you.

See “Delivery” page for directions

A supervisor is always available to provide support, advice and guidance to mothers, families and midwives. Mothers may contact us to talk about the standard of care they have received or to discuss if they have not felt supported. Midwives may contact us for professional advice and guidance.
Supervisor of Midwives on call: Salisbury District Hospital via switchboard 01722 336262

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