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Orthopaedic Department 

The Salisbury District Hospital Orthopaedic Department provides a wide variety of services for orthopaedic referrals, orthopaedic spinal service and fracture clinic appointments.


The Outpatient clinics are held on Monday to Friday every week at Salisbury District Hospital, with some clinics being held on a Saturday morning. We also hold clinics in the Westminster Memorial Hospital, Shaftesbury, offering a spinal, hip, knee, foot and ankle, and upper limb service, and at Warminster Community Hospital offering a hip, knee and upper limb service.

Pre-Assessment clinics for patients having planned surgery are held in the Pre-Operative Assessment Unit (POAU) from Monday to Friday by Specialist Nurse Practitioners.


The department offers a minimum of 2243 outpatient appointments every month. There are about 684 new referral appointments and 1559 follow up appointments every month. About 30 appointments are missed every month by people not attending and who do not cancel their appointment.


The department also provides outpatient facilities for the application of, and after-care of, plaster casts.


There are two wards in the inpatient department, treating emergency and planned orthopaedic admissions. The wards are closely linked to the Outpatients Department, X-ray Department, plaster room and the Emergency Department. The Orthopaedic Therapy Team are next to the wards to make sure there are good links between wards and therapy, and good continuity of care.


The Orthopaedic Therapy Team are responsible for the Physiotherapy and Occupational Therapy for both accident (trauma) and planned (elective) Orthopaedic patients.

The Orthopaedic Therapy Team hold one clinic each week and can see six patients.


The department perform an average of 354 operations every month, and this is divided up into about 247 planned operations and 107 emergency operations.

The information on the Orthopaedic Department pages should be used in conjunction with advice given to you by your health care professional.

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