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Ear, Nose & Throat 

Alternative Name:
ENT Department
Department Description:
The Ear, Nose and Throat Department treats patients with a wide range of conditions, including those who require surgery.

The ENT Department is located on level 3 of the hospital near the main entrance. Please report to the Medical & Surgical outpatient reception desk on Level 3 to check in for your appointment

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Best Place to Park:
Entrance A Car Parks are closer, however, there is  good access from all car parks around the hospital.

From car parks 2 and 3 proceed to the Main Entrance (level 3) where signs for Medical & Surgical reception can be found. From car park 8 proceed via Springs Entrance (level 2) and take stairs or lift to level 3 and then proceed to the Medical & Surgical reception desk.

Other Information:
Direct Telephone No:

01722 336262

Extension No:
Reception Ext: 4383
Fax No:
Head of Service:
Mr M Brockbank
Ear, Nose and Throat
Clinical Director
Duncan Murray
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