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Oral & Maxillo Facial 

Alternative Name:
Orthodontics, Max fac department, Dentist
Department Description:
The maxillo facial surgeons treat patients who require surgery to the head, neck and mouth.  The orthodontic service works to prevent and correct disorders of the teeth including those in people who have a cleft lip or palate.  The dental service provides treatments which are complex or cannot be carried out by dentists in primary care

Level 3 SDH North in the same area as Plastic Surgery Outpatients

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Best Place to Park:
Car park 8.
Follow the covered walkway into Springs Entrance and take the lift or stairs to Level 3.  Follow the signs to Plastic and Oral Surgery outpatients
Other Information:
Direct Telephone No:

01722 336262 ext 3246

Extension No:
Fax No:

01722 345549

Head of Service:
Annalise McNair
Oral and Maxillo Facial Surgery; Orthodontics; Dentistry
Clinical Director
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