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The Procurement Department's Vision: Driving value improving care.

Selling to Salisbury NHS Foundation Trust & Great Western Hospital NHS Foundation Trust

Salisbury NHS Foundation Trust & Great Western Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust procurement teams have become one department. This new team will share resources and specialist knowledge and combine contracts where advantageous.

The Procurement Department advertises all its formal requirements through its e-tendering portal. If you believe to have an innovative product or service, or believe you can offer the Trust cost savings, then please call the team on 01722 429323 or email

As part of our obligations to meet with transparency requirements, all Trust awarded contracts over the value of £25,000 will be made available on its e-tendering portal.

In addition all awards made in excess of the EU Procurement Threshold are located on Tenders Electronic.

All suppliers of goods and or services wishing to sell to Salisbury NHS Foundation Trust MUST note in the first instance the initial approach needs to be through the procurement department contacting one of the individuals below and not other members of staff at the Trust. As outlined in the Trust Standing Financial Instructions only procurement and commercial and Executives of the Trust are empowered to sign any Agreement on behalf of the Trust.

Contact Details

 Name  Job Title  Email address  Phone
 Rob Webb MCIPS  Director of Procurement & Commercial Services  01722 429323
 Kelly Willoughby MCIPS  Head of Procurement  01722 429323
 Andrew Wollaston  Logistics Manager  01722 429323
 Amol Sarvagode  Clinical Procurement Specialist  01722 429323
 General Enquires  General Enquires  01722 429323

The Procurement Department is broken down into the following areas:

Operations Team: responsible for general transactional and tactical purchasing activities. This includes customer services, purchase order queries, delivery queries, pricing agreements, quotation exercises, mid value tendering and equipment maintenance contract management. The team generally manage expenditure up to the value of £10,000.

Strategic Sourcing Team: responsible for all major cost reduction schemes, Public Contract regulations threshold, European Procurement Directive compliance, and overall commercial and procurement advice to the organisation. The team generally manage all contract expenditure in excess of £10,000.

Supply Chain Management Team: responsible for the Trusts Goods Receipt & Distribution Centre, Materials Management Service and overall logistics strategy for the organisation.

Clinical Procurement Specialist Nurse: responsible for clinical engagement, co-ordinating clinical trials of alternative, new and innovative products and management of supplier representatives in relation to such projects. The service also acts in an advisory capacity including product problems or sourcing alternatives when required.

Bribery Act 2010

A bribe is a financial or other advantage intended to induce or reward the ‘improper performance’ of a person’s official public functions or work activities.

Generally, this means offering or receiving something of value to influence a transaction that someone shouldn’t do (offences include offering, promising, giving, requesting, accepting, or agreeing to accept).

Section 7 of the Bribery Act 2010 includes a ‘corporate’ offence, which means that commercial organisations may be held legally liable if they fail to take steps to prevent bribery by those who are associated with it.  There is a defence for organisations if they can prove that they had in place adequate procedures designed to prevent bribery from occurring on its behalf.  This law is applicable to NHS bodies, meaning that the Trust must put measures in place to prevent bribery from happening.

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