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Clinical Radiology, X-ray, Ultrasound, CT scans; MRI scans
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The radiology department at Salisbury District Hospital is equipped to carry out types of routine imaging. This includes CT, MRI and Ultrasound Scanning, Nuclear Medicine, Angiography, Fluoroscopy and general radiography. All examinations are fully digital and are stored on a trust wide digital archive (PACS). The service is provided by six separate departments, four on the Salisbury site, one in Fordingbrige Hospital and one in Westminster Memorial Hospital, Shaftesbury. New CT and MRI scanners were purchased in 2008.
Level 3
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Car Park 8
From the Main Entrance (level 3), turn left onto the main corridor and follow signs to clinical radiology/x-ray.  From car park 8, enter the hospital via the Springs Entrance (level 2) and take the stairs / lift to Level 3, then follow the signs to clinical radiology/x-ray.
Other Information:

In order to respond to patients needs and increase capacity within the department, the Trust engages the use of a mobile MRI scanner from a 3rd party healthcare provider. Please be assured that the Trust ensures that the provider complies with the Trust’s stringent Data Protection, confidentiality and security standards when handling your information.

If you would like more information about how your information is handles please click the following link:


Direct Telephone No:

Booking Team: 01722 429282

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reception: 4205
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01722 414008
Head of Service:

Dr Graham Lloyd-Jones


Clinical Support & Family Services

Clinical Director
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