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Welcome to the Research Support Services Salisbury (RSS Salisbury)  

RSS Salisbury provides research support and completes research governance checks for Salisbury NHS Foundation Trust, Dorset Healthcare University NHS Foundation Trust, Dorset CCG and Wiltshire CCG (South).

RSS Salisbury is committed to David Cameron’s (2011) pledge that “every NHS patient should be a research patient” to help in the fight against disease and that every patient, if eligible, should be offered the opportunity to engage with research activities. The Trust is therefore committed to hosting NIHR portfolio research and can provide infrastructure support.

On this site, you will find information helping you with all stages of the research process, our governing bodies and associated organisations. We also offer information for patients who wish to find out more or participate in research programmes. For this, please select the 'patients and public' tab in the main menu.

What is research?

The Health Research Authority (HRA) has produced guidelines on what constitutes research. It is worth checking that your project is research. You can also identify what pathway your project should take by reading the HRA's Defining Research leaflet.

If your project is research then please get in touch with RSS Salisbury on extension 2026 as soon as possible as we can help guide you through the NHS permissions process.

If your project is not research then you may still need confirmation of which NHS Ethics and NHS Trust permissions are required to proceed. Please contact us to arrange this. Furthermore, all relevant Trust policies must be followed even if formal Trust permission is not required, including any policies or guidance relevant to clinical audit or service evaluation.

How to get involved?

There are many ways you can get involved in research:

  • Being a site for a national research project.  You may be approached by a study team wishing to set up a national project. If the project is or will be on the NIHR portfolio then the Trust will be happy to support the project. Alternatively a list of national projects is available on the NIHR portfolio (UKCRN). You can choose to approach the contact person of any open studies. If you wish to be contacted about any studies looking for sites, please contact RSS Salisbury on 2026.
  • Setting up your own research through an NIHR approved funding body. If you wish to conduct a study that is defined as research, then it is important that it is fully costed and has been reviewed competitively. To ensure this, the Trust requires all research to be eligible for the NIHR portfolio (for students working at our Trusts please refer to our leaflet).  In order to help you apply for eligible funding, please contact the RDS South West on 4184.
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