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Salisbury NHS Foundation Trust is an active hospital for research. As such, we offer the opportunity for both staff and patients to become involved in research activities.

For patients and families, this means that we are committed to ensuring that every patient, where eligable and if it is appropriate, are offered the opportunity to take part in research projects. This is in line with NHS incentives to increase the levels of research in the health service. Ultimately, this will assist healthcare professionals in their work, and will improve treatment, assessment and care of those within the NHS. Everything we know stems from research and we need your help to continue to develop and make improvements for the future.

Please ask your consultant, nurse specialist or GP as to whether there is a research project taking place in Salisbury that relates to your condition. See below for useful links and information which should help you make a decision on whether taking part in research is the right choice for you.  

Please feel free to ask your consultant about research opportunities in the Trust.  If there is a research project for you to take part in they will discuss this with you.


We also support the OK to Ask Campaign run by the National Institute of Health Research. This aims  to raise awareness of the importance of health research in the NHS. If you would like to find out more about the campaign and about getting involved with research, click on the OK to Ask logo.



There are many different types of research including clinical research, observational research, laboratory and tube research, and epidemiology. Research conducted at Salisbury is clinical research, observational and laboratory research.



Research takes place at different times and in different ways depending on the needs of healthcare professionals and researchers. The National Institute for Health Research publishes details of Trusts involved in research including league tables.

 Salisbury NHS Foundation Trust was the fifth highest recruitng small acute Trust in 2014/2015.

The NIHR provides useful information, accounts from research participants, and advice for those thinking of taking part in a trial or study. Information that gives a greater understanding of research and clinical trials, how to get involved and the relevence of research to patients, carers and the public can be found here. 


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