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Welcome to the Research Support Services Salisbury 


This website is will provide you with support and direction for the research process here at Salisbury. The page contains information  on how the Research and Development Department can assist you through planning, funding, executing and analysing your study within national NHS Research Policy and local Trust protocol.

All NHS Trusts are performance managed on national targets set by the NIHR. If you are granted permission to undertake research at one of our Trusts, then you are committed to helping the Trust achieve these targets.  You will be helping us achieve Trust wide targets including increasing the number of project available to patients and the overall recruitment of patients to NIHR portfolio research. Your research will be performance managed on recruiting your first patient within 70 days of the formal submission of your paperwork and achieving the recruitment target you have set yourself in the planning stages.

 What Support can RSS Salisbury offer?

The Research Support Service at Salisbury can offer you: 

  •  We can help identify projects that interest you
  • We can help submit Expressions of Interest
  • We can offer help reviewing projects, including reviewing costing templates and contracts.
  • We can identify what support may be available to help you
  • We can gain internal authorisations including a commitment of support from any departments that would have to undertake extra work to support the project.
  • We can also guide you through the requirements of a valid application to begin the official review of your project by the Trust.
  • If you are a Chief Investigator then CRN Wessex can off further support including advice on submitting to Ethics, a site identification service and the potential for shared review within the Wessex region.

Please contact RSS Salisbury at an early stage on 2026

Student/Trainee projects

If you are student or trainee it is often easier to conduct project that is not considered research according to HRA definitions, but that would be acceptable to your University (clinical audit for e.g.). If you are very keen on an idea that is defined as research, then the Trust generally will only consider being a Participant Identification Centre and it is important that you consider all costs (including staff time) require funding.

We would recommend students or trainees to contact us as early as possible in the planning process as we can provide guidance to help you design a project that will best meet Trust requirements.

Further guidance is available here.

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