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Setting up and running a clinical research project 

This section will assist and guide you through hosting research national projects in the Trust.

Finding projects that interest you

There is a national database of projects that can searched to find projects in your area.  In addition, the Research Support Service regularly recieves emails regarding projects that are actively looking for new sites.  If you wish to be informed of projects in your area, please contact Louise Bell ( at the Research Support Service.

Expressions of Interest

You may be contacted about projects looking for sites.  Often this requires filling in an expression of interest form, which we can help you with.  We can also provide advce on Trust requirements and targets.  It is important to remember that the Trust only support National Institute for Health Research (NIHR) portfolio research.

Site selection

If you have not contacted Research Support Services yet, then it is important to do so as quickly as possible.  At this stage we will:

  • guide you through all Trust requirements
  • check the feasibility of running the study at the Trust
  • discuss training requirements for your study
  • discuss the support available for set up and/or running a study at the Trust
  • review the costs and contracts for the study
  • In addition, we will help provide advice on the submission process

 The submission process for NHS permission

The submission process is changing.  We recommend that you contact the RSS office for up-to-date requirements.

Currently your governance review officially starts with the submission of your Site Specific Information (SSI) Form (accessed through IRAS), but if you have been in contact with Research Support Service you will be well on your way to setting up your study by the time you submit your documentation.  A minimum requirement for your application to be validated is a signed SSI,  localised documents (as per IRAS checklist), contact with the RSS office.  If these requirements are not met, your application may be rejected and you will resubmit your application when these requirements are satisfied.




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