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HIV Service 

Our HIV service is not where you get an HIV test; it is for those who have already tested positive.

We offer a free and confidential outpatient service at the Department of Sexual Health (GUM) for HIV positive people. The service is open-access which means that you do not need a referral from your GP or other health professional. We work with patients from a wide range of ages, ethnicities, sexualities and from diverse cultural and social backgrounds. For many of our patients being diagnosed with HIV may cause a considerable amount of worry. Many patients ask us how they are going to cope with living with HIV or how they should go about telling their partner, family and friends. There are a whole host of different worries and our team is here to guide patients every step of the way. We recognise there is no set approach to providing care for individuals. Our doctors and nurses provide the counselling and medical support according to our patients’ needs. Our aim is to keep people with HIV well so that they can lead a full and happy life. Patients are reassured that all our records are kept in confidence and we will not notify a GP, partner, relative or friend unless a patient gives us permission to do so.

New Appointments:

If you are HIV positive and would like to transfer your care to us from another hospital then please contact the Health Advisor on 01722 410069. If you have been newly diagnosed HIV positive at another hospital and have not yet arranged any follow up care elsewhere, you can register as a new patient by contacting the Health Advisor on 01722 410069.

Current patients:

If you already attend the HIV service here at Salisbury District Hospital and would like to make a further appointment, please contact out reception team on 01722 425120.

If you would like to talk to the Health Advisor please ring 01722 410069.

Useful contacts:
A source of information for patients and health professionals.
HIV information, safer sex, online booklets and a helpline.
HIV treatment information for healthcare professionals and HIV-positive people.
The only national charity providing support for women living with HIV by women
living with HIV.

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