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When you arrive at reception, you will be asked to complete a registration form. This includes information such as your name, date of birth, address and contact details. You will be issued with a clinic number and asked to read some important information while you wait to be seen. Please be warned that if you attend a walk-in clinic you could be waiting for some time.

Your consultation


Your consultation will be carried at by a specialist doctor or nurse who has received specific training in sexual health and examination. You will be asked a series of routine questions. Some questions can be very personal but it is important that you answer honestly. The more information we have, the better and more accurate our assessment and management will be.

Some examples of questions are:

Why have you come today?Do you have any symptoms such as a discharge, pain when urinating/weeing/peeing, bleeding after sex or in between periods, any aches or pains, lumps or spots?When was your last period?What contraception do you use?Have you been pregnant before?When did you last have sex?Did you have vaginal, oral or anal sex?Any health problems?

The examination and/or procedure will be explained to you. You will be offered a chaperone which you may decline or accept.

If you require contraception, you will have your blood pressure checked and your weight recorded.

Your examination / procedure


If you are being tested for STIs then the doctor or nurse may need to examine your genitals and take the necessary samples. If you require treatment which needs to be administered by a doctor or nurse this will also take place. If you have no symptoms, you may be able to take your own samples. This will be discussed further when you attend.

If you are having contraception fitted (eg. coil or implant) this is also carried out.

Your diagnosis:


If you have certain symptoms and are attending the Department of Sexual Health (GUM) at Salisbury District Hospital, the doctors and nurses can look at your samples under the microscope and may be able to treat you for certain infections on the day you attend. This will not be possible if you are symptom free or are on your period.

Self Testing

If you are under 25, there are chlamydia screening kits available free of charge at both the GUM and CASH clinics, the NHS Walk in Centre and your GP. You do the test yourself put it in the post and the result will be texted to you within 14 days.Please visit this website for further

If you test positive for chlamydia, then please contact our reception team on 01722 425120 to make an appointment to collect your free treatment. Please do not have sex (even with a condom) until you have attended.

Please note that this test is only for chlamydia. If you have had unprotected sex, we would suggest a full screening for chlamydia, gonorrhoea, syphilis and HIV which can all be done at both the GUM and CASH clinics.Routine tests:Swab or urine tests:ChlamydiaGonorrhoea

Blood tests

Blood Test

HIV. We will routinely offer the test and there is a leaflet for you to read. Please let the doctors and nurses know if you do not want the test.

We also offer tests for:

Candida (thrush)Bacterial vaginosisTrichomoniasisThese are vaginal infections .These infections are commonly found in women but men can be affected too.

Hepatitis B and C. These are infections of the liver which are caused by viruses. We may offer this test if we feel you may be at risk.

We also offer for women:

A pelvic examinationGenital skin check

For men we offer:

A testicular examinationA genital skin check

We do not routinely test for Herpes or the HPV (wart) virus. The diagnosis of these viruses is based on symptoms. Please contact the Health Advisor on 01722 410069 for more information.Treatment:

If you require treatment on the day you attend, you will be prescribed the necessary medication. All our medication and contraception is free.Health Advisor:

If you are treated for a confirmed or suspected STI then you may be required to see the health advisor. If you need further support regarding a diagnosis you will be offered time with the health advisor.

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