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Charities for SCI patients take many forms. Below are some of the charities most relevant to the DoCSTC.

The Southern Spinal Injuries Trust

SSIT has been set up by an ex patient to support the centre and its patients.

The Inspire Foundation

INSPIRE was set up to raise funds for research into aids to assist people with spinal cord injury


Working to reintegrate spinally injured people back into society after their injury

Stars Appeal

Raising money for state-of-the-art equipment and new facilities in Salisbury District Hospital

Spinal Injuries Association

SIA is a national charity working on behalf of spinal cord injured people to help, support, advise and campaign on all aspects of spinal cord injury.


An information resources designed specifically for people with an SCI, their relatives and carer

The Back-Up Trust

The Back-Up Trust offers a range of services for people with SCI to encourage independence, self-confidence and motivation.

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