An outstanding experience for every patient


What service do we offer?

  • A specialist spinal interdisciplinary team – discharge co-ordinator, nursing, medical, occupational therapy, physiotherapy, speech and language therapy, psychology, clerical dietics, medical/surgical specialities. Our specialist spinal team work together to offer patients a goal orientated programme of care and education.
  • We have limited access to psychiatric services.
  • We offer an acute out reach service.
  • Comprehensive specialist advice available for acute out reach (including paediatrics).
  • Study days for the management of spinal cord injury.
  • Education and support to families and carers as appropriate.

Services for patients with the following diseases will not be provided:

  • Progressive diseases of the central nervous system (including malignant disease of the spinal cord).
  • Cerebrovascular accidents.
  • Injuries to the brain, not including the spinal cord.
  • Cases of Spinal Bifida.
  • Infective spinal cord disease.
  • Patients with major psychiatric disorders, which may interfere with physical treatment or those under Mental Health Section.
  • The elderly, who may have limited physical ability, poor stamina and poor family/social support may only be offered an initial assessment period.
  • Patients under a Primary Care Trust contractual exclusion.
  • Private patient.
  • Patients with a neurologically intact spinal cord.

With an overall agreed policy, there may be cases where the Consultant at the Spinal Injuries Centre and referring Doctor believe treatment would be appropriate.

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