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 Life After SCI

We feature here a selection of photos sent in by ex-patients.

If you are an ex-patient and have any pictures you feel would inspire others,please contact us.

If you are an ex-patient and have achieved something you feel is special, we would like to feature such stories in this section and would very much appreciate it if you could jot it down with pictures if you can and send it to us.

  • On The Water in The Maldives

  • On Safari in South Africa

  • Tandem paragliding in Zimbabwe

  • Have a cigar in Cuba

  • Quadbiking in Portugal

  • Festival of colours in Jaipur

  • Playing in the river

  • Festival of colours in Jaipur

  • Waterskiing in England

  • Skippering a narrowboat up the Caen Hill flight

  • Wheelchairing in Cuba!

  • The Taj Mahal

  • On elephant safari in Kanha National Park

  • Sightseeing Cuba

  • Tiger in Kanha

  • A South African View

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  • Helming a yacht in the Solent

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