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We are very fortunate to have the use of limited accommodation in the Spinal Centre which is available to help relatives travelling from far away or needing to support patients who are ill. These few points should help your stay run smoothly.


We have rooms for visiting relatives at two different locations:

  • Two twin rooms (4 and 5) are available in a bungalow generously provided by the League of Friends (on The Green next to the hospital’s Entrance B). Clean bed linen and towels are in the rooms and we ask that at the end of your stay you strip your bed and leave the laundry in the room during the week and outside the room at weekends.
  • There are also two twin rooms (16 and 17), located on the Spinal Centre. Clean linen and towels for these rooms is available from the laundry cupboards on the wards. Please strip the beds in these rooms when you leave and return the dirty linen to the linen bags on the wards.

The accommodation is fairly basic, but has the use of a self-catering kitchen with fridge and microwave, toilet and shower facilities (ensuite in the bungalows), and a sitting room with television for relatives’ use


Relatives of new or acutely ill patients and parents of children have priority bookings and we try to ensure that relatives of new patients can book accommodation for the first few days. Other bookings are taken on a first come first served basis, although the Spinal Centre must reserve the right to cancel any bookings to meet the needs of acute admissions. Please try to let us know well in advance if you think you may need visitors’ accommodation. Weekends are always busy so we ask relatives to consider coming mid week to ease the pressure at weekends.

Bookings are made through Ward Clerks in the Ward Offices. Nursing staff will book accommodation in situations of unexpected or emergency illness when the Ward Office is unmanned. Accommodation is very limited, so please consider other users, and inform us if you need to cancel or extend your stay or change to or from a male or female booking.

Our telephone contact number is 01722 336262, ext. 2445 for Tamar or 2447 for Avon. It is often the case that we may need to ask you to share rooms, sometimes at short notice (although obviously not with a member of the opposite sex). Visitors under 18 must be accompanied by an adult.


Room keys can be collected from the Ward Office on Tamar during the week and from nursing staff at weekends. Please ensure that the keys are returned to the Ward or nursing staff by 12.00 noon when the next booking begins. The keys should be signed in and out in the Key Book.


We ask for a donation of £10 per person per night (children under 16 are free). This should be paid to the Tamar Ward Clerk (who will issue you with a receipt) at the end of your stay. Cash is easier for us, but cheques can also be accepted, unfortunately not card payments.


Rooms should be vacated by 11.30 am, but Rooms 7 and 8 must be vacated by 9.00 am on Monday mornings. General cleaning takes place between 11.00 am and 13.00 pm on weekdays, even if the rooms are occupied. Please wash up and leave the kitchen area tidy after use, and remove any unused items from the fridge when you leave. The washing machines on the Wards are unfortunately only for the use of the patients. If you are sharing a room and need to enter during the night, please be as quiet as possible out of consideration for other guests. For the comfort of all, and in accordance with trust policy, all the rooms have a strictly no smoking and no alcohol policy. Your accommodation booking may be withdrawn if your behaviour is deemed inappropriate.

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