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Community OT Study Day 

Role of Occupational Therapy in the Rehabilitation of
the Spinal Cord Injured Patient

A Study Day for:

Community Occupational Therapists

This day has been organised for occupational therapists working in the community setting with the aims of:

  • Increasing knowledge and understanding of the physical and psychosocial effects of spinal cord injury on the individual including levels of injury, completeness of SCI and expected functional abilities.
  • Demonstrate the role of the hospital based OT in the rehabilitation of spinal cord injury.
  • To help facilitate integrated working in the discharge planning process for people with Spinal Cord Injury.
  • To widen understanding of the challenges faced by people living with Spinal Cord Injury.
  • Providing the opportunity for discussion on collaboration in planning the patient’s resettlement back into their local community.

Draft programme

08.45 Registration and coffee
09.00 Welcome and house keeping
09.30 What does it mean?
Levels of SCI
Rehabilitation mile stones
11.30 Coffee
  Brief discussion about lunch and programme
12.15 Lunch with:
  Tour of Therapy areas
ADL flat (shower chairs)
Photo board of groups
Selection of wheelchairs
Splints and hand items

Pressure Clinic

14.00 Wheelchairs

Transition from hospital to home/out patients

16.00 Close and certificate

On the day programme order or length of sessions may need to change.

Study Day Dates: 2017:

  • Tuesday 11th July

For further information please contact the department on 01722 336262 ext. 2454

OT Study Booking Form July 2017

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