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Membership and Prices 

Membership Types

Pay a small monthly subscription and then ‘Pay as You Go’ on all activities at a reduced price.

Silver/Silver Plus*
Unlimited use of two of the following Gym, Swim, Classes, Squash and Tennis.

Unlimited use of all activities available including Gym, Swim, Classes, Squash and Tennis.

Contract and notice for cancellation
  • A minimum membership of three months is required when you sign up, following this period we require only one full calendar month notice of cancellation
  • An upgrade of membership can be undertaken at any point
  • Loyalty card scheme is in operation for all bronze users
  • *Silver and Diamond memberships offer a discount for a one off annual payment and a one year contract. Following a 14 day cooling off period this membership cannot be cancelled until the end of the 12 month period
  • Temporary membership are available, please ask at our reception for more information. (Day pass/Week Pass)


General Membership Prices
Types One off
joining fee
Per Mth
Per Mth
Silver Plus
Per Yr
Per Mth
Per Yr
SDH staff £7 £2.50 £19 £209 £27 £270
Star £7 £2.50 £19 £209 £27 £270
SDH student N/A £2.50 £17 £187 £25 £250
Retired SDH staff £7 £2.50 £18 £198 £26 £260
Associated £10 £3.50 £24 £264 £32 £320
Affiliated £10 £3.50 £24 £264 £32 £320

What is referral membership?

Referral Membership Prices
Types One off joining fee 1 activity
per month
2 activities
per month
3 activities
per month
Referral £10 £16.33 £23.17 £30
Graduate referral N/A £16.33 £23.17 £30
Child referral £10 £14
(option gym or swim)
Hydro therapy spinal pool £10 10 session pass
(no time limit)
Cardiac rehab exercise support group £10 10 session pass
(no time limit)

(Prices correct at time of publishing - April 2012)

Family and friends of any of our Referral Members are also offered the opportunity in becoming an Associated Member. This membership is available for the duration of the referral members Staff Club membership.

Payment Methods

The Staff Club is happy to accept:

  • Monthly membership via Standing Order
  • Monthly membership via Salary for SFT staff only
  • Cash payments for 3 months membership
  • Chip and Pin payments for 3 months memberships
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