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Work Experience Placements 

SALISBURY NHS FOUNDATION TRUST takes around 150 work experience students per year in a variety of settings. Students can undertake placements from Year 10 upwards (as part of a school organised programme), although there are age restrictions on some placements. We also offer placements to mature students who are considering a career change into the NHS.

Placements are usually offered for 1 week depending on the placement area and time of year (the summer months are always the busiest).

Applicants must either attend school or live within our catchment area.

Because of the nature of the work, many of our placements are ‘observational’ – so please be prepared for a lot of standing and watching.

Remember though, that the NHS isn’t just doctors and nurses. There are over 300 different types of job in the NHS so we will probably have something to interest you.

We plan our placements approx 6 months in advance. The application form can be requested twice a year:

1st March – 30th April

for placements required September – February

1st September – 31st October

for placements required March – July the following year.

    To request an application form for Work Experience please send an email.

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