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Oncology genetics 

We offer a comprehensive service for the diagnosis and monitoring of a wide range of haematological malignancies, solid tumours and an expanding number of hereditary and somatic mutation cancers using conventional cytogenetics, FISH and molecular techniques as appropriate.

The results of testing are submitted, discussed and incorporated into the integrated MDT report for patient management.

For details, please use the appropriate link:


Dr Laura Chiecchio - Cytogenetics
Tel: 01722 429103

Alison Callaway - Molecular genetics
Tel: 01722 429080


Emergency samples

For out-of-hours emergencies (BL, Burkitt Lymphoma, APML, Acute Promyelocytic Leukaemia, paediatric leukaemia): phone switchboard at 01722 336262 giving details of the emergency and leaving your name and contact number. Switchboard will then contact the WRGL oncology team who will then return your call and discuss how to proceed.

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