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Pregnancy loss testing 

Testing is available for referrals that meet the laboratory’s acceptance criteria, with a tiered testing approach dependent upon the referral details and patient’s obstetric history.

Referrals are accepted for:

  • Pregnancy loss or termination with significant fetal malformations (irrespective of gestation).
  • Pregnancy loss >24 weeks.

Also, in line with the published guidelines of the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists (RCOG):

  • Miscarriages (<24 weeks) for 3rd and subsequent miscarriages.

In compliance with RCOG guidelines the laboratory does not routinely accept referrals for parental karyotyping for couples experiencing recurrent miscarriages.

Full details of our referral acceptance policy and the available tests are summarised in our solid tissue service guide.

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