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Opening Times: 9:00am - 5:30pm (Monday - Friday)

Enquiries and Feedback

Please mail enquiries and out-of-hours messages to Duty Scientist.

Our scientists are happy to give advice on scientific or technical matters and to discuss the availability of tests and the progress of individual samples with healthcare professionals only.

For counselling and clinical issues, or enquiries from patients, please contact the Clinical Genetics Service .

Director: Professor NCP Cross

Head of Service: Dr CA Waterman

Lead Molecular Geneticist: Dr S Thomas

Lead Cytogeneticist: Ms CE Price

Administrator & Business Manager: Mrs M Pearce

Quality and Laboratory Manager: Dr F Allison

Wessex Regional Genetics Laboratory
Salisbury NHS Foundation Trust
Salisbury District Hospital (SDH North)
United Kingdom
Tel: 01722 429080
Fax: 01722 331531

Concerns, complaints or compliments

If you have any concerns, complaints, comments or compliments regarding any aspect of our service, pleaseĀ feel freeĀ to draw them to our attention through the Trust Customer care team.

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