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Genetics in Wessex 


  • The Wessex Genomic Medicine Centre is one of the GMCs in the UK contributing to the 100 000 genome project, a bold initiative to use population whole-genome sequencing to transform our understanding of rare diseases and cancers.
  • The Wessex GMC is one of the providers for the MSc in Genomic Medicine, a major new training route for healthcare professionals working in this emerging field.
  • The Wessex Academic Health Science Network serves to connect academic, NHS, industrial and other healthcare interests to drive improvements in service and knowledge.
  • A pilot project is underway to deliver a clinical exome sequencing service.
  • Many staff have joint academic contracts to promote collaboration between the University of Southampton and the NHS service, including the Wessex Imprinting Group.
  • The WRGL works together with the Wessex Clinical Genetics Service to deliver a comprehensive Regional Genetics Service and to foster research and continuous development of knowledge in the field of human genetics.
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