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Quality management 

Quality management, accreditation and external quality assessment

We are a UKAS-accredited medical laboratory service committed to providing users with a service of the highest quality to meet clinical need.  We operate a comprehensive quality management system and aim to produce:

  • Accurate results
  • Using appropriate testing strategies
  • In an appropriate timeframe
  • With appropriate comment and interpretation to assist clinicians in providing the best management of their patients.

Our tests are all fully validated and/or verified internally (as appropriate) to include sensitivity, specificity, measurement uncertainty (where applicable), internal quality control and test limitations/interferences. Test limitations and sensitivity are stated on our reports, where appropriate. Information relating to any of the above validation parameters is available on request.

As part of our ongoing commitment to quality standards we participate in all appropriate external quality assessment schemes administered by UK NEQAS and CEQAS, typically achieving excellent results. Please see EQA Scheme details.

We aim to follow all national best practice guidelines and endeavour to meet ACGS-recommended turnaround times. Please consult Current Turnaround Times to view our performance.

We welcome user feedback and appraisal of our service. Please see the results of our latest User survey.

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