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Outpatient Clinics 



Each year, approximately 175 thousand people are treated by Salisbury NHS Foundation Trust as outpatients. We hold clinics at a number of locations around Salisbury District Hospital, and our staff also hold clinics in other locations including some Community Hospitals and GP surgeries in Wiltshire, Dorset and Hampshire. When you have an outpatient appointment, please check your letter so that you know where you need to go for your appointment and what time you should to be there.

Please feel free to bring a family member, friend or advocate with you to your consultation. We know that it can be difficult to remember all that is said during a discussion with a healthcare professional, and you are welcome to take notes and/or an audio recording of the consultation.

Keeping Your Appointment

A large number of outpatient appointments are wasted when patients do not attend their appointment without letting us know before the appointment. We have started to use SMS messages to remind people of their appointment dates as this has been found to be an effective way of communicating and this has reduced non attendances.

If you do need to change, or cancel your appointment, please let us know as this means that we can offer the appointment slot to someone else and this helps us to keep our waiting times as short as possible.

Patients who do not attend their appointment without letting us know may be discharged from hospital back to their GP's care.

If you wish to cancel your appointment please use our new online form

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