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Washing Hands 

The importance of hand washing to reduce the risk of infections is recognised at Salisbury District Hospital. We ask all visitors to clean their hands with alcohol gel prior to entering any ward, and again on leaving. This action has been shown to have a significant effect on reducing the spread of infection.

Salisbury District Hospital is a Clean Hands Partner hospital. We have been chosen as a partner because all our staff take infections seriously and are committed to keeping our patients as safe and healthy as possible.

The Clean Your Hands campaign is about getting better at hand hygiene. When staff clean their hands before and after touching each patient, it helps stop bugs spreading. This can be done by washing with soap and water, or by using disinfectant hand rubs.

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Posters and information leaflets on this campaign are available on all wards within the hospital. The Clean Your Hands campaign is a national initiative organised by the National Patient Safety Agency. Further information can be found on their website

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