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Confidentiality & Data Protection Privacy Notice

The health professionals caring for you keep records about your health and the treatment you receive from the National Health Service. These records play an important part in ensuring that you receive the best possible care from us.

Everyone working in the NHS has a legal duty to maintain the highest level of confidentiality about patient information. Unless there are exceptional circumstances, such as the health and safety of others being put at risk, we will not disclose your information to third parties without your permission.

Salisbury NHS Foundation Trust works with a number of NHS organisations and independent treatment centres to provide you with the best possible care. In order to do this your information may be shared securely (with your consent) to provide your with care in local, central and peripheral locations. If you choose to prohibit your information from being processed by computer, or disclosed to other health professionals involved in providing care, it might mean that the care that can be provided is limited and, in extremely rare circumstances, that it is not possible to offer certain treatment options.

Salisbury NHS Foundation Trust also outsources a limited number of administrational and IT application support services. These companies are based within the European Economic Area and the United States of America. These services are compliant with UK Data Protection Legislation and ensure your personal information is used fairly and lawfully.

Sometimes the law requires that we disclose or report certain information, but that is only done after formal authority by the Courts or by a qualified health professional. Examples include reporting a serious crime which involves murder, manslaughter rape, treason, kidnapping, child abuse or infectious diseases that may endanger the safety of others, such as meningitis or measles, but not HIV/AIDS.

If you are a patient seeking routine treatment and you live outside of the NHS England boarders, the Trust is required to contact your local GP practice and Local Health Board (LHB) or the National Specialised Services team responsible for your area to obtain authorisation prior to commencing your treatment. If you are planning to move outside the NHS England borders please can you confirm your new address and GP Practice with the Trust as soon as possible to ensure a continuation of care. On occasion it may be necessary for the Trust to contact you directly about your provision of care as we will be working on your behalf to ensure that the continuity of care is not adversely affected.

If you would like to know more about how the Trust handles, shares and stores your information visit our Policies and Procedures page or contact the Information Governance Manager on 01722 425119.

Information about the Electronic Patient Record

Access to Your Health Record

Under the Data Protection Act 1998 you are entitled to access and receive copies of your own clinical records and you can do this by setting out the information you want in writing to:-

The Medical Records Department
Salisbury District Hospital

Questions, Comments or Complaints

Any questions, comments or complaints about the way in which the Trust handles your information should be sent in writing to:

The Chief Executive
Salisbury NHS Foundation Trust
Salisbury District Hospital
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