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Pembroke Day Unit 

The Day Unit is where treatment for haematology and oncology patients is delivered during the normal working week. Treatments include transfusions of blood and blood products, administration of chemotherapy and a range of other procedures needed for the investigation and treatment of this group of patients.

It is staffed by nurses who specialise in the administration of these treatments. The Lead Nurse for the team is Helen Hambling.

A range of support services is available for patients on the unit including advice from a dietician, hair specialist, aromatherapist, palliative care nurse, benefits advisor and psychologist.

The reception desk is shared with Oncology Outpatients and the receptionsists can be contacted on ext. 4382.  

Phil Blackman is the MCCU / Pembroke Unit Co-ordinator. He can be contacted on ext 3296

Gale Brady is the Chemotherapy Scheduler. She can be contacted on ext 3169

Other phone numbers can be found on the Contact Details page

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