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Oncology Team 

The consultant oncologists at this hospital are Dr Clare Crowley, Clinical Oncologist (chemotherapy & radiotherapy) specialising in breast cancer, also works at University Hospital Southampton (UHS),Dr Melanie Harvey, Medical Oncologist (chemotherapy) specialises in gynaecological cancer, cancer of unknown primary and acute oncology, Dr Tim Iveson, Medical Oncologist (chemotherapy) specialising in bowel cancer, also works at UHS, Dr Adityanarayan Bhatnagar, Clinical Oncologist (chemotherapy & radiotherapy) specialising in lung and prostate cancer, also works at UHS

Dr Jonathan Cullis is lead clinician for both haematology and oncology.

The consultants are supported by an oncology specialist doctor, two Chemotherapy Nurse Practitioners, Claire Marsh and Belinda Mills, oncology nurse specialists and a dedicated oncology research team (Angela Iveson, Julie Attlee and Catherine Reed).

They work closely with a specialized nursing team led by Sister Carolyn Sawyer, Sister Sarah Dear and Sister Sue Potter.

Receptionists: Emma Adams and Emma Lewis who can be contacted on ext 4382

Secretaries: Anne Bragger on ext. 3516 and Alison Gerrett on ext. 3512 (jobshare)

Our Team



Claire Crowley

Claire Crowley Consultant Oncologist


Mel Harvey

Melanie Harvey Consultant Oncologist


Tim Iveson

Tim Iveson Consultant Oncologist


Adi Bhatnagar

Adityanarayan Bhatnagar Consultant Oncologist


Claire Marsh

Claire Marsh Chemotherapy Nurse Practitioners


Belinda Mills

Belinda Mills Chemotherapy Nurse Practitioners


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