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Oncology Outpatients 

Why have I been referred to an oncologist?

An oncologist is a consultant who leads a medical team specialising in cancer. They will support and advise on the diagnosis of patients with cancer and are responsible for treatment of patients with chemotherapy and radiotherapy.

Oncology outpatients

Is a dedicated area where the oncology team see patients.  It has a reception area near to the Nunton entrance to level 2 of the main hospital which leads through to six consulting rooms and a waiting area. 

When your appointment is made you will be told if you need to have a blood test prior to the appointment. If so then please go to Pathology (near main reception on level 3) 30 minutes before your appointment time and then go direct to the outpatient reception when your blood test has been done. Otherwise please report directly to the oncology outpatient reception where the receptionist will then direct you to the waiting area where you will be called when it is time for your appointment.

Receptionists: can be contacted on ext 4382

Other phone numbers can be found on the Contact Details page 

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