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Haematology Patients 

What should I expect to happen during my first appointment?

You will first be seen and assessed by a member of the haematology medical team supported by specialist nursing staff. They will then explain to you what they feel might be wrong with you, what further tests might be needed and when these will happen. Some simple tests may be done straight away. If a diagnosis has already been made they will explain this together with any necessary treatment and provide information leaflets or books or provide direction to appropriate websites. Before you leave you will be given a follow-up appointment with information about this if any treatment might be required.

We are well aware that patients want answers to their problems as quickly as possible as uncertainty can be worrying. We try to turn things around rapidly but some tests take time to arrange and perform and we appreciate your understanding in this. Anybody whose health is at immediate risk may be admitted to the Pembroke Ward for initial treatment or to speed up investigations.

We usually find it very helpful if you come with a member of your family or a friend who can sit in and be a second pair of ears for you. We often find that this also helps to allay any concerns they may have. Please be aware that, in order to provide a timely service, we may try to get several tests done in one day so you may be on the Suite for a longer time than you expect.

Somebody mentioned an ‘MDT’ meeting – what does that mean?

MDT stands for Multi-Disciplinary Team and this team includes all specialists  who might contribute to your treatment if a new diagnosis of a significant blood disorder has been made. The MDT meets weekly and once your investigations are complete your consultant may refer your case to the MDT so that an agreed treatment plan can be made.

What information will I get?

We don’t hide information from our patients but pride ourselves on an open relationship with our patients. All our research has shown that we possibly give too much rather than not enough information so please rely on us to help you in this regard. We will also give you the written information that you need to help you at each stage.

We have a wide range of written information including general health information books about diet, financial arrangements etc. which we also have available and which you may find useful. If you require any more information, or do not understand anything we have told you please ask. Please remember that we keep in close contact with your GP and they may be able to give further information and support.  We can also send you a copy of the letter we send to your doctor if you feel that would be helpful – just let the reception staff know. If you want to ask any specific questions we suggest you note them down in advance

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