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Drinking sensibly 

Drinking sensibly 

Having a drink now and then does not harm your body. Social drinking can, for some people, lead to heavier drinking which can cause serious health problems.

If you cut down your drinking, you can reduce your risk of:

  • cancer
  • stroke
  • heart disease
  • liver disease
  • mental health problems
  • diabetes.

As alcohol is full of calories, reducing or cutting out drinking can help you lose weight as well as saving money!

Here at Salisbury District Hospital we ask every patient about their alcohol intake as a way of helping to support positive lifestyle changes. If you want to discuss your drinking during your stay, ask to speak to the Alcohol Liaison Nurse, or and Alcohol Advisor.

If you would like more information on safe drinking levels and what to do if you need help please visit the NHS Choices website at or Drinkaware at 

For local support Wiltshire Substance Misuse Service (WSMs) offers a comprehensive to reduce your drinking, stop or access detox and rehabilitation. Visit their website at or call them on 0345 603 6993.

Carers support specially for those with a loved one who may be drinking to excess is provided by Action on Addiction  - visit their website or call them on 01747- 832015.

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