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Enhanced Recovery Programme 

Leading the way to help our patients recover as quickly as possible

We always aim to make treatment as stress free as possible and to help patients get better and feel better as quickly as possible, especially after surgery.  Our Enhanced Recovery Programme is about improving the way a person recovers after surgery and improving the result of their operation. The programme aims to make sure that patients take an active part in their own recovery process. It also aims to make sure that patients always receive the right care at the right time.

With the enhanced recovery programme we can give better results for patients from operations, with a shorter recovery period and a reduced length of stay in hospital.

Shorter stays in hospital also mean that we can treat more people, benefitting the whole community.

The Enhanced Recovery Programme was originally called the multi-modal approach, developed by Professor Henrik Kehlet. It is also called fast track surgery. 

There are four parts to the enhanced recovery programme:


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