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Low Infection Rates

Salisbury District Hospital continuously aims to reduce infection rates. One of the most important factors in achieving this is to ensure that we maintain high cleaning standards. In Salisbury, cleaning is not contracted out to private companies, as we have our own in-house cleaning teams. To ensure high quality cleaning on our wards, cleaners are part of the ward team and are managed by the Ward Sister or Charge Nurse who is responsible for ensuring that high standards of cleanliness are maintained in their ward areas.

The prevention and control of infection is given a high priority throughout the hospital. The hospital has a dedicated senior nurse who is responsible for infection control. Staff, patients and visitors all have a part to play, and it is known that hand washing and the use of alcohol gels are an effective way of preventing germs from being spread.

Please support us by cleaning your hands with the gel that is provided when you enter or leave a clinical area.

Infection Prevention and Control Compliance Statement

The Trust Board acknowledges its collective responsibility for minimising the risks of infection and has agreed the general means by which it prevents and controls these risks. The Board formally reviews and monitors the controls of such risks via the twice yearly reports presented to the Board in June and December by the Director of Infection Prevention and Control. These reports are available to view on the website.

Lorna Wilkinson
Director of Infection Prevention and Control

More Advice

Staff at Salisbury District Hospital are committed to taking infections seriously and keeping patients as safe and healthy as possible. Useful tips on how to prevent infections in hospital.

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