An outstanding experience for every patient

What Our Patients Say 

Below is a small selection of comments we have received over the last year from grateful patients

Staff are very kind, caring and understanding. They have all been very helpful with my stay in hospital. Thank you so much.
From the nurses to the doctors to the cleaners, I would give 10/10. I received fantastic treatment and friendliness. You should all be so very proud of yourselves.
They didn’t know my father before he had a stroke, but you would have thought they did. The way they spoke to him was with such respect. The care he received was wonderful.
I cannot speak highly enough of my experience. All the staff I encountered , were they volunteers, porters, nurses, doctors or consultants. All were friendly, attentive and professional
Friendly, helpful staff. Very clean. Food was lush. Relaxed, cosy atmosphere. Able to rest and recover.
I really appreciated how attentive and focused all of the staff are. You were quick to sort out what the problem was and find a good solution. Nursing staff and the doctor were very kind and thoughtful.
I understand that I probably owe my life to the devoted work of the medical team which took care of me. I am truly grateful.
Excellent care from every staff member. Lovely, caring attitudes and role models for the nursing profession.
My midwife has been amazing and supportive throughout my entire pregnancy and afterwards. I feel very fortunate.
I am in awe of the staff. They are so wonderful with poorly young children and have the patience of Saints. Your staff have wiped my tears, and dealt with my anger and frustration, always in a professional, kind and caring way.
Wonderfully kind care from all staff. Clean and comfortable surroundings. A holistic approach to care. Thank you very much.
All staff were fantastic and helpful, friendly, caring and professional. Made me feel human and well looked after. Food was prompt and tasty. Overall a very pleasant hospital experience.
Everybody was so kind and attentive. Feels like a happy place! Thank you. This hospital is the best and I feel lucky to be a local resident.
They really are a great team . the care, compassion and dignity, not forgetting a few laughs on the way, were second to none.

The Care Quality Commission surveys patients and service users on a regular basis. You can get more information about how people feel about our hospital from the Care Quality Commission website

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