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Internal Reference Number: FOI_4782

Date Request Received: 27/12/2018 12:11:26

Date Request Replied To: 29/01/2019 09:52:52

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Request Summary: Maternal deaths within wards

Request Category: Media

Question Number 1:
How many births have taken place each year within Trust Hospitals between 2008 -2018
Answer To Question 1:
#NOANSWER#FOI 4782 qu.1.docx
Question Number 2:
Does this Hospital trust have on record the number of maternal deaths - between the years 2008-201
Answer To Question 2:
Yes, <5
Question Number 3:
Is the Hospital trust able to provide with me with further details on the cause of death for each woman
For example: Women A (name and personal details anonymous for data protection reasons) Cause of death - haemorrhage / Time Frame - immediately after birth / Date - 2010
Answer To Question 3:
Due to the low numbers related to this request, we are withholding the information under the General Data Protection Regulations and applying a section 40 exemption, personal data.
Question Number 4:
Is this Hospital Trust able to provide a detailed ethnic breakdown of all of the women who have died - i.e highlighting the number of Black African women, Black Caribbean women, British Pakistani women, White British women, British Indian women etc who have died.
Answer To Question 4:
Exemption 40 has been applied to this question as this is personal information.
Question Number 5:
Within the same time frame of 2008-2018, how many complaints have been received by the Trust regarding the care and treatment of pregnant women and new mothers (new mother within this context meaning up to one year after the birth)
Answer To Question 5:
Complaints within maternity average between 7-8 annually since 2010 when electronic records commenced.

Question Number 6:
Within the same time frame, can you provide a breakdown of the complaints by ethnicity - detailing for example - how many Black Caribbean pregnant women complained about their care at the Trust.
Answer To Question 6:
Information not held.
Question Number 7:
Recent studies have highlighted that BME women suffer higher rates of maternal death (for example MBRACE-UK released a report in November 2018 entitled “Saving Lives, Improving Mothers’ Care”. The report revealed that Black and Asian women have a significantly higher risk of dying in pregnancy - link here
Between the years 2008 -2018, has the Trust outlined and implemented any specific measures in response to such data?
Answer To Question 7:
All women are offered personalised care and their risk factors considered as an individual in line with national guidance.
Question Number 8:
If you believe contents of any such files are exempt from disclosure, please provide summaries of any such exempt files.
Answer To Question 8:
Exemption 40 for personal data would be applied.
Please see attachments:
FOI 4782 qu.1.docx
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