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Internal Reference Number: FOI_4783

Date Request Received: 27/12/2018 14:56:43

Date Request Replied To: 08/01/2019 09:09:39

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Request Summary: Cardiac Physiology

Request Category: Private Individuals

Question Number 1:
Do you currently have in place any form of recruitment and retention premium or any other form of incentive for Cardiac Physiologists (or similar AHPs working within the Cardiology Department)?
Answer To Question 1:
Not currently
Question Number 2:
Please confirm the headcount of your Cardiac Physiology Department, split by NHS Agenda for Change Pay Bands
Answer To Question 2:
Band FTE
Band 2 2
Band 5 2
Band 6 3
Band 7 3.57
Question Number 3:
Please can you confirm the professional reporting lines for Cardiac Physiologists within your organisation.
Answer To Question 3:
The reporting of Echocardiography follows the recommendations set out by our Professional Body. The British Society of Echocardiography. The Echos are done and reported by a Band 7 Cardiac Physiologist. There is a weekly review meeting, with a Consultant Cardiologist, for quality assurance and for any non-urgent queries. Any urgent causes of concern are dealt with on the day by the Physiologist.
The reporting of Devices, complex and bradycardia, follows a Cardiology reporting package, Philips/ CVIS, format. This format is used widely in other hospitals. The Physiologist is trained to a high level in house and as set out by the Heart Rhythm UK professional body. The complex Device reports are authorised by a Band 7 , the Bradycardia reports are authorised by a Band 6 or above if Dual Chamber, and a Band 5 or above for a single chamber, after appropriate level of training has been audited and approved to be of standard required. There is a weekly review meeting, with a Consultant Cardiologist to review any cases.
All other tests including 24hr tape/event/Loop analysis, Exercise Tests, Tilts are reported by qualified Cardiac Physiologists, Band 5 or above that have been assessed in house, audited and the level of competency has been achieved.
Question Number 4:
Does your organisation have any other forms of recruitment and retention premiums or incentives for attracting other staff groups? This could include 'golden handshakes' or other salary uplifts/incentives?
Answer To Question 4:
We currently don’t offer golden handshakes or other salary uplifts/incentives.
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