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Internal Reference Number: FOI_5654

Date Request Received: 06/05/2020 10:13:04

Date Request Replied To: 15/07/2020 10:27:44

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Request Summary: Acute beds & mortuaries

Request Category: Private Individuals

Question Number 1:
In the year of 2019 how many patients were admitted into your trust into an acute bed? Please discount any community patients
Answer To Question 1:
There were 36,238 admissions to the Trust in the given time period.
Question Number 2:
Not including any Covid-19 escalation beds, how many acute beds does your trust have?
Answer To Question 2:
The Trust reports 411 core beds on our Daily SITREP submission.
Question Number 3:
In 2019, how many deceased patients were managed within your mortuary services throughout your trust?
Answer To Question 3:
Question Number 4:
Please provide the order codes of the 3 most commonly used/order body bags or concealment bags within your trust in 2019 and provide a breakdown of amounts ordered for these 3 codes. Please include both direct orders and/or those through any procurement frameworks
Answer To Question 4:
NHS Supply Chain
Body bag PEVA Adult size 220 x 107cm white with 3 sided zip capacity 140kg=22stone
Qty. ordered 85

NPC PM4615/ MPC 4615
Qty. Ordered 1228

MPC M06 White Adult Body Bag
Qty. Ordered 132

MPC M223
Curved Zip Body Bag
Qty. Ordered 20

Question Number 5:
When ordering mortuary products, do you purchase alongside any other trusts in a formal or informal purchasing agreement? If so, please name those trusts.
Answer To Question 5:
We do not order Mortuary products alongside other Trusts.
Question Number 6:
Do you have hoisting facilities in any of the mortuaries in your trust?
Answer To Question 6:
Question Number 7:
How many fridges do you have all of your mortuaries within your trust?
Answer To Question 7:
We have 62 fridge spaces in which we can store bodies.
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