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Internal Reference Number: FOI_6024

Date Request Received: 04/02/2021 08:54:32

Date Request Replied To: 08/03/2021 11:35:18

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Request Summary: Cancer support

Request Category: Private Individuals

Question Number 1:
What support do you offer for the family members of patients being treated for cancer within your NHS trust? (Support can include anything that would contribute to the emotional well-being of an individual, such as support groups, counselling or advice).
Answer To Question 1:
A. For patients diagnosed with cancer, the Cancer Support Team would offer to undertake a ‘Holistic Needs Assessment’ with the patient, which covers a wide range of topics including partners, friends and family. When speaking with the patients, the cancer support team offer support to families.
Support could include: referral to local cancer support centres such as Jane Scarth House, Maggie’s Centres, or perhaps the Hospital’s Clinical Psychology team. Families are also provided with the phone number to speak with a Cancer Support Worker

B. Pre-COVID, we offered a ‘What now? After a cancer diagnosis’ which was a support group aimed at patients and relatives. This is unfortunately on hold during the pandemic, but is something we would like to re-invigorate once social distancing restrictions are lifted
Question Number 2:
Does your NHS Trust provide any tailored support specifically for young people (under 25s) who have family members being treated for cancer?
Answer To Question 2:
a. We have literature available for children to help them to understand their family member’s diagnosis

b. On site psychology services available for young people

c. We would also refer young people to local cancer support centres such as Jane Scarth House, who offer family therapy
Question Number 3:
If so, please could you provide details, including how many young people have accessed those services in the last five calendar years (2015 - 2020).
Answer To Question 3:
a. We do not record this information. Any contact made with family members/relatives is logged on the Somerset Cancer Registry under the relevant patient’s record
Question Number 4:
Are services actively offered to patients' family members, or do they have to approach the Trust themselves to request support?
Answer To Question 4:
a. The majority of family members would be approached by the Cancer Support Team as a result of the Holistic Needs Assessment following diagnosis, though we do not have a formal Cancer Support Worker in post for all tumour sites

b. Clinical teams would actively refer a family member to the Cancer Support Team if they felt it to be appropriate

c. Details are available on the Trust’s website for those who feel they need support, and leaflets are available within our cancer suite and Oncology, which has led to several self-referrals from family members

d. The Cancer Support helpline is accessible to all that have been affected by a diagnosis of cancer, and personalised support would be provided based on what that individual needed
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