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Internal Reference Number: FOI_6275

Date Request Received: 27/08/2021 00:00:00

Date Request Replied To: 31/08/2021 00:00:00

This response was sent via: By Email

Request Summary: NHS Accessible Information Standard

Request Category: Private Individuals

Question Number 1:
Do you currently have:

a) A specific local Accessible Information Standard (AIS) policy?

b) An accessibility policy which references the Accessible Information Standard (AIS)?
Answer To Question 1:
a) yes we have a specific local Accessible Information guidance,3147bdd6-a645-49a7-96b5-84d083ff169f

b) the Accessible information guidance references the Accessible Information Standard
Question Number 2:
How many of the following have you received since 1st April 2019 regarding provision of accessible information:

(a) complaints?

(b) compliments?
Answer To Question 2:
(a) We have not had any complaints regarding the provision of accessible information since April 2019

(b) We do not hold specific details surrounding compliments so are unable to answer this question
Question Number 3:
How many of the following items have you issued to patients since 1st April 2019 under an AIS request?

(a) large print letters

(b) braille letters

(c) audio files

(d) email letters

(e) text messages
Answer To Question 3:
a) we do not hold this information
b) none
c) none
d) we do not hold this information
e) we do not hold this information
Question Number 4:
What engagement do you have with people with a visual impairment regarding your implementation of the AIS?
Answer To Question 4:
We worked with Wiltshire Blind Association regarding the implementation of the AIS
Question Number 5:
What proportion of your staff has received formal accessibility training in the last year?
Answer To Question 5:
AIS training is not part of the mandatory training so whilst training is available via e-learning for health we are unable to provide an answer to this question.
Question Number 6:
What percentage of current online material has been officially checked for compliance with the Government’s Digital Accessibility Regulations?
Answer To Question 6:
We are unable to provide a percentage, however, our website has an accessibility widget installed which has a number of features that meets the Government’s Accessibility Regulations.

Please note we currently have a statement on our website as follows:

“There is some content which is difficult to publish in a way that is fully accessible. For example, our Annual Reports and Accounts is designed to be printed. While users are welcome to download this document, it is not designed to be an online resource. Some of our PDFs and Word documents are essential to providing our services.

The accessibility regulations do not require us to fix PDFs or other documents published before 23 September 2018 if they’re not essential to providing our services.”
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