Below is a table that displays which departments fall into which staff groups

Department Staff Group
Medical and Dental 
Nurses and Midwives All Nurses and Nursing Auxiliaries
  Health Care Support Workers (Nursing)
Scientific, Therapeutic and Technical Staff Occupational Therapists and Helpers
  Physiotherapists and Helpers
  Radiographers and Radiography Helpers
  Art/Music/Drama Therapists
  Speech and Language Therapists and Helpers
  Psychologists and psychology technicians
  Medical Physicists and Technicians
  Pharmacists and Pharmacy Technicians
  Dental Technicians
  Social Workers
  Clinical Scientists
  Biomedical Scientists and Technical Staff
  Geneticists and Technicians
  Audiology staff
  Cardiographers and Support Staff
Hotel and Property Staff Ancillary Staff
  Works and Maintenance Staff
  Ambulance Staff
Clerical, Administrative and Managerial Staff Department of Information Technology
Voluntary Staff