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Positive Birth Service

The positive birth service (previously known as the VBAC clinic) is a service run by midwives for women or couples to explore their previous birth experiences, preferences this time or discuss options open to you in this pregnancy.

If you’ve had a previous caesarean section, your midwife will refer you to the positive birth service at 18-20 weeks. You will be offered a phone consultation, usually on a Wednesday morning. The appointment lasts around an hour and you will have the opportunity to talk about your previous birth as well as choices available regarding delivery of your next baby. The discussion will provide evidence based information and a guide to decision-making for women planning their mode of delivery after caesarean section and considering a planned VBAC.
If you consider yourself to have had a negative birth experience in the past and feel anxious around mode of delivery of your next baby, this is a good opportunity to talk through with a midwife what happened and to talk about the future.

This service is also available to women who have not had a baby before but feel that a discussion with a midwife would be beneficial in helping you understand the options available to you.

If you’ve had your previous baby at Salisbury, we will try and get your previous maternity notes available for the consultation. If you’ve had your baby at a different hospital, we will write to the hospital and request your maternity notes.

If you would like an appointment for the positive birth service, please speak to your community midwife.

Useful websites to look at include: 

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