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Foot and Ankle

We provide this service through multidisciplinary team approach where surgeons, specialist physiotherapists and occupational therapists work together to give our patients the best possible outcome

Our foot and ankle specialist are Mr Jacobs and Mr Boyd. They have specialised knowledge in the management of a wide range of foot and ankle problems including sports injuries, arthritis and deformity.

  • Lower limb, foot and ankle surgery and reconstruction, including external fixation
  • Total ankle replacement
  • Forefoot surgery
  • Ankle arthroscopy
  • Tibialis posterior dysfunction

You may be in a plaster cast following your injury or surgery. Further information on plaster casts can be found here:,d8ab8e62-2e75-4f28-8d20-8918254d56f0 

Information Guides for Adults


Ankle Arthroscopy,d8ab8e62-2e75-4f28-8d20-8918254d56f0 

Ankle Arthritis – surgical options,d8ab8e62-2e75-4f28-8d20-8918254d56f0 

Big toe arthritis – surgical options,d8ab8e62-2e75-4f28-8d20-8918254d56f0 

Ankle ligament reconstruction,d8ab8e62-2e75-4f28-8d20-8918254d56f0 

Tibialis Posterior reconstruction,d8ab8e62-2e75-4f28-8d20-8918254d56f0 


Achilles Tendon Rupture,d8ab8e62-2e75-4f28-8d20-8918254d56f0 

Fracture or dislocation to one of your smaller toes,d8ab8e62-2e75-4f28-8d20-8918254d56f0 

Fracture to the base of 5th metatarsal,d8ab8e62-2e75-4f28-8d20-8918254d56f0 

Fracture to your fibula,d8ab8e62-2e75-4f28-8d20-8918254d56f0 

Medial malleolus avulsion injury,d8ab8e62-2e75-4f28-8d20-8918254d56f0 

Fracture to your great toe,d8ab8e62-2e75-4f28-8d20-8918254d56f0 

Fracture to a lesser metatarsal,d8ab8e62-2e75-4f28-8d20-8918254d56f0 

Stress fracture to your metatarsal,d8ab8e62-2e75-4f28-8d20-8918254d56f0 

Tarsal Avulsion injury,d8ab8e62-2e75-4f28-8d20-8918254d56f0 

Talus Avulsion,d8ab8e62-2e75-4f28-8d20-8918254d56f0 

Rehabilitation Protocols

For all AHP rehabilitation protocols please follow the link below

Our staff at Salisbury District Hospital have long been well regarded for the quality of care and treatment they provide for our patients and for their innovation, commitment and professionalism. This has been recognised in a wide range of achievements and it is reflected in our award of NHS Foundation Trust status. This is afforded to hospitals that provide the highest standards of care.

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